Your 30-minute home workout from the Better Body Group

Just because you can’t pay your usual visit to the gym, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on your daily workout. This week, we share our home workout with you. No equipment is needed and each exercise can be adapted to different abilities, making it suitable for everyone!

Start by warming up by doing some light movement and stretching. This may include jogging on the spot, star jumps and some walkouts.
Make sure you have water close to hand, pick your favourite playlist and you’re ready to get started.

We’ll start with three exercises, for 10 repetitions (on each side where applicable). Perform one exercise after the other to complete the set. We’ll aim to complete 3 sets during this workout.

With your feet hip width apart, lower yourself into a squat as shown below.

To make this exercise easier – use a chair for reassurance or simply go for a half squat as opposed to a full squat.

To make this exercise harder – add a jump between each rep. Be sure to land softly on the knees straight into the next squat.

Press up or push up
Place your hands under your shoulders and lower your body towards the floor and press back up again. Make sure that your body moves as one and that you are not just lowering your hips as this could cause discomfort in your lower back.

To make this exercise easier – place your knees on the floor or if this is too hard, perform the press up against the wall or table.

To make this exercise harder – add a pause in at the bottom of each rep.

Mountain Climber
Come into the press up position as before, bring one knee under your body towards your chest and then change legs. Try to speed up into a running motion.

To make this exercise easier – place your hands on a table or sofa.

To make this exercise harder – increase the reps to 20 or 30 instead of 10 or alternatively use a timer for 45 seconds.

Step up
Using the bottom step of the stairs or small stool, step one foot up and then change feet in a running motion. Take care not to trip.

To make this exercise easier – slow down the pace of the step up

To make this exercise harder – speed up the pace or increase the height of the step.

Ab cycles
Laying on your back, crunch one elbow towards the opposite knee and alternate to create a cycling motion between arms and knees as shown below.

To make this exercise easier – place one foot flat on the floor and bring opposite elbow to knee for 5 reps and then change legs. To make this exercise harder – increase the rep range or come into a V-sit position to complete exercise.

Take a wide step forwards, putting the weight through the front leg and lunge down until the back knee touches the floor, push up again and then alternate legs. Be careful not to bash your knee as you come down.

To make this exercise easier – hold onto nearby furniture for stability and/or consider performing half lunge instead of a full lunge.

To make this exercise harder – add a jump between alternating legs.

Finish your workout by cooling down. Take time to stretch your muscles and have some water. Great job – your home workout is now complete!
Remember, it’s important to adapt this workout to suit your ability.

If you are unsure, check with your GP or Personal Trainer before carrying out any of the exercises in this routine.