Hickory golf match contested for the fifth year at Wildernesse

At the start of October, Wildernesse Golf Club hosted its fifth Hickory Golf match, a game played with historic equipment and in traditional clothing to compete for the coveted Hickory Salver.

Wildernesse Golf Club played against the British Golf Collectors Society, a team comprised of golfers from England, Sweden and Australia. Players from both teams entered into the spirit of the day and were appropriately dressed in period attire of ‘plus fours’, – traditional golfing trousers – a shirt and tie. 

The event attracted spectators keen to see players use the pre-1935 hickory golf clubs. In the fifth year of this fixture, the game was won by Wildernesse by six and a half to three and a half, bringing the score to date to Wildernesse 2, the British Golf Collectors Society 2 and one match halved.

Tony Hunt from Wildernesse organised the match and supplied the Wildernesse team with their full sets of Hickory Clubs. After the match, he commented: “This Hickory Golf Match is always good fun and we are thrilled to have once again hosted the event. With the overseas players, the old equipment and traditional attire, it’s a great day for everyone involved”.

A number of the players who featured in this match will shortly be travelling to America to contest an International Hickory match against a USA team in Dallas, Texas.