Is ‘Clean eating’ really that healthy?

December 15, 2020 Editor 0

The new favourite phrase, used by many celebrities and wellness gurus. But what exactly does it mean, is it really that beneficial for all of us? “Clean eating” has widely been popularised via social media


Stay in your Christmas comfort zone

December 9, 2020 Editor 0

This year Christmas will feel very different for everyone. While many will be welcoming the eased rules for the five day Christmas period, others will be anxious about what this will mean for further spread


Swanley is levelling up the playing fields

December 4, 2020 Editor 0

In late November, a team of councillors including the District’s Commissioner of the Public Realm, Cllr Roddy Hogarth, and Swanley Town Council’s Parks and Open Spaces Director, Ryan Hayman, recently met with the skate park