Spotlight: Sevenoaks Water Polo

October 13, 2020 Editor 0

Sevenoaks Water Polo went into 2020 being the strongest and the most sustainable it has been in over a decade. Membership was at a record level and a number of their junior players had been


Spotlight: Sevenoaks Jitsu

October 13, 2020 Editor 0

Japanese Jujitsu is a traditional martial art developed by the Samurai in feudal Japan. It was the physical part of their life philosophy, much like physical poses are the physical part of yoga; there’s so


Are you an early bird or a night owl?

October 13, 2020 Editor 0

Although some of us think we don’t need much sleep and are sometimes even proud to boast how little we get, the reality of how much we need is very different. According to multiple studies