Sevenoaks Suns looking to extend their advantage this weekend

Sevenoaks Suns v Westfield Health Sheffield Hatters - Sunday 11 March @ 3.00pm


Sevenoaks Suns will look to extend their advantage at the top of the table on Sunday with victory over Westfield Health Sheffield Hatters.

Having suffered a first Championship defeat of the season a couple of weeks ago, the Suns responded in impressive fashion last weekend with a pair of victories to send them back to the summit of the standings.

“It was important for us to bounce back and get a couple of positive results last weekend,” admitted Suns forward Milly Watkins.

“Every game has proved to be critical in getting us to this position.

“We will approach this weekend’s contest in the same way as every other game, trying to get better and play closer to our full potential.

“It all starts with our defence; we to need limit Sheffield’s key scorers and make them work for every point.

“Offensively, when we’re working well for each other, points come from all over the court and we’re tough to match up with.”