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Brands Hatch
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One of the world’s most iconic sporting venues, Brands Hatch plays host to a multitude of prestigious motorsport events on both two and four wheels.

Sevenoaks & District Motor Club
Chris Judge

Sevenoaks and District Motor Club was founded in 1954 and has a membership of 400. The club is affiliated to the Motor Sports Association (MSA) and is one of the largest in the country. The club organises events in and around the South East on a regular basis. The membership are able to take part in a variety of events, such as autotesting, rallies, autosolo and various speed events. Members range from people who just want to compete locally, or from the likes of previous President Vic Elford, who raced in Formula One and sports cars and also won the Monte Carlo Rally. But it doesn’t matter what branch of motorsport you are interested in, the club can cater for virtually every aspect of motor sport you want to become involved with. The club meet at the Bell Public House in Kemsing, Kent and full details can be obtained from the club website at  Membership of the club costs £22.00 or family membership at £27.00.

Youth Support

The club are very keen at attracting new and younger members. Grass autotests are held at Brands Hatch where young drivers can take part in safe and controlled areas as part of the MSA’s ‘Go-Motorsport’ initiative.

For further information about any of the clubs activities please contact the Chairman Chris Judge at Email: