If you would like to see your club or organisation listed in the Sevenoaks Sports directory then all you need to do is simply fill in your details below and, if completed by the 20th of the month, we’ll place you in the next issue, plus you will get added to our online directory at www.sevenoakssports.co.uk/directory for free. We have two options for you to choose from, our standard entry for £5.00 per month and our premium entry at £10.00 per month, these are detailed for you below.

Standard entry – £5.00 per month (minimum 12 month agreement)
Our standard entry provides all the details our readers need to contact you. It includes your club/organisation name, address, website address and telephone number. Standard entries are highlighted below:

Premium entry – £10.00 per month (minimum 12 month agreement)
Our premium entry has all the details you receive with the standard entry, plus added extras such as your Twitter handle or Facebook page. You will also have the option to create the artwork yourself adding your logo or specific image. Here are a few examples of what your entry could look like:



So what are you waiting for, get listed today and you’ll be visible to 1,000’s of your local community.