Sempai Matt retains his National Kata title

June 10, 2018 Editor 0

Sempai Matt and student Louis, who are members of Sevenoaks Karate Club, enjoyed tournament success at the KJK National Championships on Saturday. There were met by competitors from across England, Scotland and Wales, all competing


Karate Jutsu Kai a success for local club

May 8, 2018 Editor 0

In April, four members of the Sevenoaks Karate Jutsu Kai club participated in the Sussex Karate Championships. They all competed in kumite (sparring) and kata (forms). There were over 50 competitors from all over the


Get started with Brazilian ju-jitsu

November 2, 2017 Editor 0

Since when were sports reduced to a few letters – UFC, MMA, BJJ? Well, since 1993 when the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) took place in Denver, Colorado. The initial competitions back in the early


Not your average spar day

August 8, 2017 Editor 0

Back in 2011, Jade Jones was a name that not many of us knew. By the summer of 2012, Jade was making the headlines as she sparred her way to taekwon-do gold glory at the